Shirt: Zara
Jeans: Zara
Boots: Zara
Bag: Vintage
Watch: Michael Kors

Pictures by Sofia P.

Hey! So today's outfit is a very "laid back look". I love how this shirt goes perfectly with the little ankle boots. They are super confortable. As you can see, I'm a little Zara crazy. Most of my clothes are from there and that's because I think they have the coolest stuff ever, and from year to year they have really started to improve their quality. The only problem with Zara, at least here in Portugal and Spain, is that EVERYONE, and I really mean everyone, goes there. There's literally one Zara in every mall or shopping street, sometimes even two! So their clothes are not the most "unique", and everyday you will see someone wearing something that you also have. It's a bit frustrating but that's the reason why I think they are starting to make their prices a little higher. This little bag was actually my mom's from when she was about my age and I just love it. I use it all the time when there's something gold in my outfit. I really thought it was perfect for this one in particular. Hope you liked this outfit and let me know what you think :)

Maria Inês Ribeiro


Pictures by Sofia P. (1100Days)  |  1. YSL "Rose Paris"  |  2. Clarins "Clementine"  |  3. Chanel "Gabrielle"  |  4. Clinique "12 Oversized Orange"

Here is the second part of the "favorite lipstick" series. In this selection, as you can see, are all my orange, red looking lipsticks. These are great for a night out and are way more risky than the "pink-toned" as they do not look good on everyone. You need to know how to rock these colors. The red Chanel lipstick is an all-time classic, "le vrai rouge".  It is great for going out or an important meeting. The orange ones go more for the everyday use but not with any types of clothes, I would suggest these for when you feel "more confident" and also if you want to try something different from the usual colors. Coral lipsticks are also great (kind of like the YSL "Rose Paris"), but they are way better in summer when you have really a nice tanned skin. Hope you enjoyed this advice and keep close for what's yet to come!


FINALLY! My first outfit post! I've been anxiously waiting for this day! Today was finally sunny so we managed to get some pictures taken. I chose this neon pink sweater, as it is my all-time favorite. The JC lita boots are my babies, I bought them in this color because I think they can go with pretty much anything and they are super confortable! I just love them. Hope you liked my outfit, the first one ever. If you did, please follow my blog either on GFC or Bloglovin', it will make my day. There is a lot more to come! Don't miss a thing!


Inspiration Mondays! Today's inspiration is all about "mirrored sunnies". This is a trend that we've been seeing a lot lately. I must admit, I just love it and I'm thinking about getting a pair for myself. They have an edgy look to it that just makes me want them so bad! The Oakley brand is especially famous for these kinds of sunglasses, so if you're interested in this trend... now you know. You can use these either for winter or summer, with a casual or more "dressy" look. It will look good with pretty much anything and give it that modern touch. Hope you like this and tell me if you would rock this.


1. Ale-Hop  |  2, 3, 4 & 6. Somewhere in Sweden  |  5 & 7.  H&M

Here is my iPhone case collection, I'm a little crazy when it comes to making gadgets "cute". I just can't help it! My favorites would have to be #5 and #6 for everyday use, and for a "funny looking one" it is, of course, the bunny (#1)! I got most of my iPhone cases in Sweden this summer because that's around the time when I got my phone so I was preparing for it ahah. I hope you like this post and feel free to share with me which on is your fave.


Pictures by Sofia P. (1100Days)  |  1. Zara  |  2, 3 & 4. H&M
As promised, here is the second part of my favorite necklaces. I divided these 4 into one group because they are more on the gold side. I have to admit, I just LOVE H&M necklaces, they are so versatile, so cute and super cheap! Could you ask for anything else? My favorite of the bunch is the first one as it just goes with pretty much anything! I have some new posts coming your way very soon, more lipsticks, outfits, and many more surprises! So, if you're enjoying my blog please subcribe and stay tuned! Have a great saturday!


Here is my wishlist at the moment. You will soon see some of these items on a goodies post, because I just ordered them eheh. I'm really sorry for the lack of posts these past couple of days but I've been really busy with college exams. Hopefully I will get to take the outfit pictures today, fingers crossed! I hope you like the things I chose and that it inspires you on your "new season shopping".


Pictures by Sofia P. (1100Days)  |  1. MAC "Snob"  |  2. YSL ""  |  3. Chanel  ""  |  4. Chanel "" 
For today's post, here are some of my favorite "pink-toned" lipsticks. They are all high-end brands, and despite their price, a really good investment. The colors are really rich, pigmented and hydrating. I have to say that my favorite of the bunch is the YSL one (sorry for the scratches on the packaging but I can't help it, it's very sensitive). It's a bit "wow" on the eyes but during summer it gives such a beautiful effect, especially with a nice tan. About "Snob", the only down side to it is because of the matte effect it has, it will dry and stick to your lips. So I advice you to use a lip balm underneath the color. I hope this inspires you for when to go "lipstick shopping" (which I'm crazy about btw). MUAH!


Got this inspiration from some of my favorite bloggers (Tuula, Fashionvibe and The Man Repeller). I love their styles, and these "wide legs" pants just caught my eye. I think they will still be great for this spring so I wanted to share it with you. I think they can make anyone look so much skinier since they are unattached to your legs. They are also great for giving a taller illusion, as they slim down the whole look. Very loose, very classy, very trendy! I can't get enough of it!!


Pictures by Sofia P. (1100Days)  |  1. H&M  |  2. Lefties  |  3. Parfois
Good morning! For today's post, as you can see, I'm showing you some of my favorite necklaces. It's a part of the whole "some of my favorite things" series. These are only 3 of them, I will be showing you some more in a "part II" post. I have to say, my favorite out of these 3 is the H&M neon yellow one. It is so verstile, it can look good with almost anything! It is just perfect. The other two I dont use as much but I think they are really pretty as well. Today I was supposed to go take the outfit pictures but the weather is so bad that i wasn't able to, therefore, you will have to wait a little while longer (but not too long I promise). I hope you like this post and tell me which one do you like the best.


Pictures by Sofia P. (1100Days)  |  Bracelet: Zara  |  Ballet shoes: Zara  |  Bag: Zara  |  Shirts: Primark
Hey! Today I wanted to show you some of my new purchases from the winter sales. I also bought basic things like jeans and such, but i didn't feel like that would be very interesting  to show ahah. Anyway, I love all my new things. I'm always really drawn to this electric blue color. The reason why i love it so much is because it can make any outfit get that extra pop of color. I'm sure I will be wearing this bag way too much ahah. The primark shirts are so cute! 2 of the are a bit see-through but with a little black tank top underneath the problem is solved. The last one is a huge knitwear shirt with little crosses on it, I'm not really into the whole "gothic" look but I thought this one was reasonably adorable! I think this will be it for today, but I'm hoping the weather gets better so I can take some outfit pictures for you.


Pictures by Sofia P. (1100Days)

Hello beauties! So, for my first posts I've decided to do a whole series of "some of my favorite things". Here I show you my all-time favorite nailpolishes. I just love all these colors and they are really good quality (some more than others of course - Chanel, OPI). The only bad thing I could say about the Catrice nailpolishes is that they chip really easily and don't last for very long, but if you're the kind of girl that is always changing color, then these are a good option for you! I haven't posted any outfit looks yet due to the bad weather outside. It's been soooo... ugly. Dark skies and raining all the time. But I promise as soon as a little ray of sunshine comes out I will get some pictures taken. This is going to be everythin for today since I'm at the end of the 1st semestre, which means EXAMS (ugh...) so I better pay some attention to that as well. Hope you found this post interesting and let me know some of your favorite nailpolishes!


Hello dear followers ♥︎ My name is Maria Inês Ribeiro and I'm a 22 year-old girl from Lisbon, Portugal. I've always been really into fashion and beauty, so after much thought on the subject and many years of looking through numerous fashion blogs and beauty channels, I finally decided to create one of my own. This blog is all about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. In here, I mostly like to post some of my daily looks and makeup ideas that go through my mind. I like to think of it as my personal style and beauty diary. Since the beginning of the GUESS WHAT blog (back in January 2013), my team and I have come such a long way and learned so much. I'm really proud of the little corner it has become and Im' always happy to read your comments, it makes me feel glad that I decided to go for it. I have a degree in Oral Hygiene, and I work as an Oral Hygienist in a dental clinic, but my main dream would be to be a full time blogger, or vlogger... who knows?! By following my blog, channel and other social apps you can help make my dream come true! Feel free to leave any possible questions in the comments, I always get back to you. Hope you like it ♥︎

Olá queridas seguidoras ♥︎ O meu nome é Maria Inês Ribeiro, tenho 22 anos e moro em Lisboa, Portugal. Sempre gostei muito de moda e maquilhagem, como tal, depois de muita pesquisa em vários blogues e reflexão no assunto, finalmente decidi criar o meu próprio. O foco principal deste blog é a moda, beleza e o meu dia-a-dia. Nele podem encontrar posts dos meus outfits diários, ideias de maquilhagem e muitos outros tópicos que envolvem este mundo. Gosto de pensar que é o meu próprio diário de estilo e beleza. Desde o início do GUESS WHAT blog (em Janeiro de 2013), eu e a minha equipa já evoluímos muito e temos crescido e aprendido imenso. Estou muito orgulhosa do cantinho especial que se tornou e fico sempre muito feliz por ler os vossos comentários, sinto-me contente por ter decidido avançar com este projeto. Tirei uma licenciatura em Higiene Oral, e trabalho como Higienista numa clínica, mas o meu sonho era mesmo poder ser blogger, ou vlogger (quem sabe) a full-time. Ao seguirem o blog, canal ou qualquer outra das aplicações associadas estão me a ajudar a tornar este sonho realidade! Sintam-se à vontade para deixar qualquer pergunta que seja aqui nos comentários, respondo sempre. Espero que gostem ♥︎

About my pictures, I have a friend (who is actually my brother's girlfriend) who is extremely good at photography, so one day we got to talking and I decided to "hire" her as my personal photographer. You can check out her blog 1100Days hereThe camera we use is either a 600D or a 6D, when she  takes my photos, and I edit them on Photoshop. As for the videos, we use the same cameras and then I edit them with Final Cut Pro X. These are my absolute must haves to proper blogging. I'm the kind of person that would rather not do something if I'm not 100% happy with it. I hope you enjoy and don't forget to follow my blog! If you have any questions left, don't hesitate to ask me in the comments. I always get back at you. ♥︎

Sobre as fotografias, eu tenho uma amiga (que por acaso é a namorado do meu irmão) que é uma grande fotógrafa, e um dia começámos a falar sobre criar um blog e decidi que a ia "contratar" para trabalhar comigo neste projeto. Podem ver o blog dela 1100Days aqui. Quanto ao material que uso, para fotografar é a Canon 600D ou a 6D, apenas quando a sofia tira as fotos, e depois são editadas por mim no Photoshop. Para os vídeos é tudo filmado com uma das duas câmaras e depois editado no Final Cut Pro X. Estes são os meus essenciais no que toca a publicar com qualidade. Sou muito perfeccionista e prefiro não publicar se não estou 100% satisfeita com o conteúdo.  Espero que gostem e não se esqueçam de seguir o blog! Se ainda tiverem alguma questão, não hesitem em perguntar. Respondo sempre. ♥︎

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