1. My nails of the moment: Maybelline 490 Rose Salsa Hot Salsa | 2. Me, happy with my new H&M sunglasses | 3. Myself, doing a project for university | 4. "Supposed" mirrored effect on nails, what a disappointment | 5. Andy Warhol exhibition in Colombo, Lisbon | 6. Some new goodies from Sephora | 7. Magazine shopping in Spain | 8. Shooting my latest outfit! 

One of the biggest social networks right now and that I am completely obssesed with! I post pictures almost every single day of just random things like my nailpolish, food, views, parties, magazines, friends... mainly just fun things. If you're not already following me on IG you should definately do so, as I also post the pictures from new outfits and posts the day they come out, on my profile. My user name is inesribeiro92 and HERE is the link to my IG page. If you want to see some of my other latest pictures, please click on the link below. DONT FORGET TO FOLLOW ME! Muah!


  1. Esse verniz da kiko *.* nunca pensei que ficassem tão giros! Quero um ;)

  2. Adoro as cores dos vernizes! :)

    xx MJ

  3. Olá :)
    Dei uma volta ao meu guarda-roupa e estou a vender muitas peças! Topshop, H&M, Zara, ASOS, Mango, etc... Vou actualizando com frequência! Visita e divulga!!

  4. both are cool :)

  5. uma maravilha seu blog ! *-* , A seguir .. Segue de volta??


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