Hey peps! Yesterday I was at Lush and got a few things (upps)! I have a huge beauty and skin care obsession and I watch a lot of youtube channel's to get inspired on what products to try. We've just started to see this store here in Portugal in a few places and I was so excited when I found out that they had it at this mall that rarely go to, that I had to get some products. Here is what I got:

Eye Cream "Enchanted Eye Cream": I got this because of a youtuber called "missglamorazzi" and since I was looking for an eye cream I thought it was the perfect time to get it. Don't really have an opinion on it yet, but hopefully it will make my dark circles go away, or at least some of it.
Lip Scrub "Popcorn": This scrub is basicly made of sugar mixed with coconut oil and caramel. It makes your lips feel super soft and after you apply it you can just lick it and it will go away. So, effective and tasty!
Face Mask "Mask of Magnaminty": It says that it's for your face and back, but I don't have any skin problems or imperfections on my back so I will only use it for my face. I just tried it last night and it gives this super fresh effect once you put it on, so refreshing! To rinse it of, all you have to do is put some water over it and scrub.
Foam Soap "Creamy Candy Bath 100": I still haven't tried this but it's a "ball" or something like that, which once you put it on your bath water, makes it all foamy and smell really nice. I got a small one just to try and in the Candy smell, which was my favorite there. Hopefully it will make my skin feel amazing afterwards.
Samples Shower & Hand Soap "Rock Star", Shower Gel "Dirty" & "It's Raining Men", Body Lotion "Vanilla Dee-Lite": I got these as a gift from the store, because if I participated in a contest (only had to write something using the words they wanted) they would give me these 3 cups to try. The hand soap was just an extra from all of my shopping ahah. 

I will only be writing in English today, because I had a lot to say on all of the products! Hope you liked this post and don't forget to click on the link below this picture, for MORE pictures!


  1. i love the rush of al these different smells as soon as you walk into lush!
    such a great store and great products
    would you like to follow each other? let me know so i can follow you back :)

  2. acho que quando os exames acabarem vou lá dar um saltinho!

  3. adoro a lush e o seu conceito, como nao uso produtos testados em animais sou uma grande fã dos produtos desta loja :)

  4. I've never heard of lush before and I've never really been beauty obsessed, I'm just barley getting into skin care products. I have been looking at the youtube beauty channels mainly because I really need to learn how to apply it.


  5. gorgeous style, adoring your blog!
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    lots of love from La-La Land


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