Hey hey! I'm so sorry for not posting these past few days, but I've been having some internet issues. I've recently bought this new L'Oréal lipstick. It's supposed to be a lot like the YSL glossy stains so I deciced to give this one a go. The colors are very similar to the YSL ones and the price was about half of the others. Wasn't too happy with the color pay-off though. It's way too light and becomes a lot darker than it should on the lips. However, the consistency is amazing and I love how it feels on the lips. This color in particular is the number 400, but there are about 8 colors in the range to chose from. Hope you liked this beauty post.

Olá olá! Peço imensa desculpa pela minha ausência mas tive alguns problemas com a internet aqui no Algarve mas agora já está tudo resolvido. Recentemente comprei este novo batom da L'Oréal. É suposto ser muito parecido com os da YSL que fazem um efeito "envernizado" nos lábios e como tal decidi exprimentar. A cor é bastante semelhante e metade do preço dos outros. A única crítica negativa que tenho a fazer sobre ele é a tonalidade. A cor fica muito mais escura do que pretendia , gira na mesma. No entando, a sua consistência e duração são óptimas. Esta cor em particular é a 400, mas existem 8 (penso eu) por onde escolher. Espero que tenham gostado de mais um post de beleza.


  1. great color!


  2. agree with RAkel- color is great :)


  3. Been wanting to try one of these, but now I need too. - Great post!



  4. Haven't had something tinted for my lips in really long time, but this looks like it might be the product that i might use. Looks beautiful!


  5. the color pay off does seem a bit lacking. i've tried the YSL ones and they have some of the boldest/brightest colours i've seen!! :) hmm.. maybe the other colours for this loreal line will have better color pay off. :)

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